About Effective Solutions...

      I am Virginia Carolina, the creator, and owner of Effective Solutions.

Having a family helped me find Effective Solutions to organize the day-by-day challenges life gives you from the most simple things (making it to Soccer practice on time with both cleats, both shin guards, and of course a water bottle =), to the variety of tasks that a modern family confronts every day in their homes (cooking, bathing, home works, bills, etc.)

Time passes by fast and now I recognize I have a talent that I will love to share with others!

I started learning about the Art behind being a "Professional Organizer" and I discover that I naturally have the thinking tools and the passion to organize everything.

I am working for a prestigious company based in DC Metro area s a Professional Organizer, and NOW I am happy to offer my services and help families in my own community!

I have been a volunteer in a Stafford local Church for about 9 years. I help to organize their Thrift Store, which helps  Stafford County's most in-need residents, and to me, this is just priceless!!!

I am excited to start this new adventure of organizing the house or business of anyone who needs my experience and expertise.

I will help you find harmony by building organized systems that will guide you for the rest of your life!



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