About Effective Solutions....

      My name is Carolina and I am the creator and Owner of Effective Solutions.
I am a wife and a loving mother of two boys and a girl who dedicated her life to find Effective Solutions to organize the day by day challenges life gives you from the most simple things ( make it to Soccer practice on time with both cleats, both shin guards and of course a water bottle =), and the variety of tasks that a modern Family do every day in their House (Cooking, bathing, home works, bills, etc.)

        Time pass by really fast and now I recognize that I have a gift that I will love to share with others!
I started to study and informing my self about becoming a "Professional Organizer" and I discover that I naturally have the thinking tools and the passion to organize everything.

   I was encourage by my family and friends to start Organizing as a way of living and this is how "Effective Solutions" idea arise.

  The idea started to bloom in my free time. I am  a volunteer in a Stafford local Church for  about 4 years now. I help (off course) to organize most of the time in their Thrift Store that by the way helps the Stafford County residents most needed ones, and to me this is just priceless!!!

   I am more than exited to start this new adventure to help organize the house of anyone who needs my experience and expertise, and finally find harmony in the most important thing we have.... 

                                                                                our Lives!