Rates and Packages

       The Assessment Visit, it is the first step to start the journey.(It is a small fee of $20 involved with this visit)
  • An in home consultation.
  • Evaluation of spaces.
  • A written "Plan of Action"

Hourly Rate:
                 The flat hourly rate is $40
Every session can vary in number of hours, depending in Client needs. 
(A common session is 3 hours )


First Time Client Packages:

This packages will help us have the time needed to sort staff in different categories  and organize the space that you are in need of organization. We will find a system according to your personal needs.
I will help you decide which package is the best suited for you.
(Payment plans are available with direct deposit agreement)

  • 4 sessions:      $ 36/ hour              10% off

        (12 hours) 

  • 8 sessions:    $34/ hour                15% off
       (24 hours)

  • 12 sessions:   $32/ hour                20% off  
       (36 hours)

  • 24 sessions:  $30/hour                 25% off
        (72 hours)

Maintenance Packages:

This packages help to maintain the systems created, fix details that at first look the best solution but did't work on the long way or simply perfect the system for best result.( I will never give up to find the best system for your Family needs, this is my Passion!)
This packages can be estimated depending on the specific needs of the client.
(Payment plans are available with direct deposit agreement)

The 3 packages bellow are examples of  Maintenance Packages that might work for you.

  • 4 sessions  a year$38/ hour
        (12 hours)
  • 6 sessions a year:   $36/ hour
      (18 hours)
  • 12 sessions a year:  $34/ hour
      (36 hours)